It's Berry Season!
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It's Berry Season!

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Berries are just now coming into season and because of all the rain, the Blackberry fruit has never been so large and juicy! Pictured here are Wineberries and Blackberries and some of the harvest to show their amazing size

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Memorial Day Weekend Trail Clipping

For those in town for the weekend please come assist us in getting the CRW trails trimmed and back in tip-top shape.  This was a tough winter and there are many trails partially blocked with growth and fallen branches.

We will meet at the CRW parking area closest to Carter Road.  If you prefer to park on the Province line side, by all means do so and start from that end.

Best tools are 18" branch loppers.  These allow trimming without reaching into the growth.  With poison ivy on the the ground, you can also use these to pickup and relocate trimmings.  Heavy gloves are a must as Multi-Flora Rose, Autumn Olive, and Blackberry canes have spines.  With all the rain recently, some trails may be wet and wearing boot advisable, ticks are also active.

I hope to see you this weekend!

John Marshall, President.

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American Hazelnuts

American Hazelnuts are the smaller relative (1/2") to the European Filbert (3/4"), and native to all States including New Jersey.  Fall is a busy time for nut production in Carson Road Woods and on many of the paths you can see a variety of Acorns, Black Walnut, Hickory, and Beech nuts.

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Wild Grapes are ripening

Wild Grapes in CRW? Yes! Many of you likely recognize these leaves as wild grapes climb on anything, but did you know that the leaves and fruit are edible? Please google wild grape vs Moonseed (toxic) to be sure you can identify the right one. These grapes were picked yesterday. They are ripe when black and taste like concord, and contain 3 large seeds that are better removed. I brought them to a boil, let them cool, crushed then strained the seeds away. 1 Cup grapes to 4 cups water and sugar to taste (appx 1/2 cup) produced wild grape juice. There are jam and jelly recipes out there, as well as making pickled grape leaves and crispy fried grape leaves. Check out our website for more info, and my next post on Autumn Olive berries at

Here is a link to a Wild Grape Jelly recipe:

Pickled Grape Leaves:

About Wild Grape leaves:

Be careful to identify wild grape over it's toxic friend the Moonseed.  Grape leaves have three lobes and jagged edges, whereas Moonseed is heart shaped with smooth edges..  Grapes climb with two opposing tendrils while Moonseed vines grow around  its host.  Below you can see the difference ...

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Blackberry Season is HERE!!

Blackberries are HERE! I've never seen them as large, plump and sweet*. With last night's rain and more expected tonight, the coming week will likely be optimal for picking (7/24 - 7/31). If you wear long pants, venture off the wide main center grass path or into portions of the old peach orchard. Otherwise, there is presently great picking along the edges of the narrow cross path or along the grass path by the Beech Forest trail entrance.

Here is a recipe for a Wild Blackberry Buckle   (it even includes a few Wineberries which can be found in CRW but I think they have already come and gone along with the wild raspberries).

* Wild Blackberries can be a bit seedy, so favoring the darkest berries with plumpest drupelets will yield the sweetest fruit and be well worth a few seeds stuck in the teeth!

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CRW Walks result in LHT Rocks!

CRW Walks result in LHT Rocks!
There are still a few out there. Find them, move them, rediscover them!
In honor of the National Opt Outside movement, taking place the day after Thanksgiving 11/25/16, please join the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and come outside with us and enjoy the trail rather than spending the day shopping! The LHT has partnered with REI Co-op Princeton to bring the newest outdoor fun, Rocking, to the trail. Throughout the whole of the LHT, almost 20 bikeable and walkable miles, over 200 rocks painted by LHT volunteers will be out for youngsters and families alike to find!
Once LHT rocks are found, the finders can take the rocks home with them or they can move the rock along the trail! To help keep this ROCK(ing) event going, please take a selfie with your LHT rock and tag it with #lhtrocks via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for a chance to see yourself AND your rock featured on the LHT website! We can’t wait for you to join us and Opt Outside!
Want to see what others are doing on Black Friday? Follow #OptOutside on social media.
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Volunteer Trail Repair

  • 84 Carson Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540 United States (map)
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Please join us for a trail repair, meeting at the Culvert on LHT in CRW.

The Oak Trail Culvert is in need of repair. A hole has formed
above the culvert pipe and has to be filled in and the surface
restored. Currently the opening is dangerous to walkers.
Bring all safety gear: glasses, gloves, etc. Estimated time 1.5 hrs.

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