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Wild Grapes are ripening

Wild Grapes in CRW? Yes! Many of you likely recognize these leaves as wild grapes climb on anything, but did you know that the leaves and fruit are edible? Please google wild grape vs Moonseed (toxic) to be sure you can identify the right one. These grapes were picked yesterday. They are ripe when black and taste like concord, and contain 3 large seeds that are better removed. I brought them to a boil, let them cool, crushed then strained the seeds away. 1 Cup grapes to 4 cups water and sugar to taste (appx 1/2 cup) produced wild grape juice. There are jam and jelly recipes out there, as well as making pickled grape leaves and crispy fried grape leaves. Check out our website for more info, and my next post on Autumn Olive berries at

Here is a link to a Wild Grape Jelly recipe:

Pickled Grape Leaves:

About Wild Grape leaves:

Be careful to identify wild grape over it's toxic friend the Moonseed.  Grape leaves have three lobes and jagged edges, whereas Moonseed is heart shaped with smooth edges..  Grapes climb with two opposing tendrils while Moonseed vines grow around  its host.  Below you can see the difference ...

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